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    Dashboard Sample

      I am a complete newbie at Flex. I saw that it was released this morning and decided to give it a shot. To see if I can make it work for what I need. When I saw the sample dashboard application, I realized that this enviroment can be exaclty what I need

      I download the source code to the sample Adobe Dashboard located here Sample Dashboard. I installed the trial of the Charting Libraries and compilied the application, but I do not see any of the charts when I run the .swf. The only thing that I can see is the watermark for the charting library. Is that part of the limitation of the trial, not seeing the charts?

      I am stuck right now as what to do next to get it to work. Any help would be great.

      Thanks in advance.
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          You should be able to see the Charts even though you are using the Trial version. The only limitation is the watermark displaying on top of your Charts. Can you see the Chart axis? If you can, it could be a problem with your data displaying.

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            spetersen487 Level 1
            Thank you for your response JeanK, I can see the axis for the chart, but not the chart itself. I have not modified the xml from the sample code in any way. Do I need to install the Flex Data Services to be able to see the data contained in the xml?
            Thank you again.
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              Kishan M V Adobe Employee

              I strongly doubt that results.xml is not located in the correct path, it should be there in the directory where the swf file is located. One simple way to confirm the path problem could is click on View Grid button, you should be able to see the data in the data grid.

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                spetersen487 Level 1
                Thanks for your response Kishan, but the xml file is located in the same directory. I have simply downloaded the .zip of the Adobe Dashboard source, from the link provided above. I have not made any modifications to this code at all. The only thing that I can see is the y axis for the charts, then the Flex Charting Trial watermark.

                Could someone download the .zip source and try to compile it, and let me know what I may be doing wrong?

                Thanks again
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                  spetersen487 Level 1
                  Thank you all for your help. I have figured out my problem. I had the compiler set in my enviroment path, and the build file of the dashboard application was trying to point to the wrong location.
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                    tanushri goel

                    HI ,


                    I have to do the same thing.

                    Please guide me in steps what all to do after downloading the source code.

                    I will be really thankful to you!