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    passing datagrid items to jsp page

      This is Sreedhar. I am working with Flex Builder 2 beta 3 and Java Server Pages and Sequel server.
      Here, I am working with Shopping Cart(Data Grid) and I am trying to store Shopping Cart data into database when user hits "Purchase" button. Here, I am not able send entire Data Grid data in to database.

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          Did you figure out how to do this?

          I have a column in my datagrid that is a checkbox. The user can click on the check box for rows in the grid and then click on a button. What I want to happen is all the rows that were checked need to be marked in my database. But I cannot figure out how to find those rows in the grid where the checkbox was checked.

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            ntsiii Level 3
            When a user clicks a checkbox, your renderer needs to update a property on the dataProvider.

            You always work with the dataProvider when using data driven controls, almost never with the rendered controls.

            This is partly because the list controls recycle the display elements when the list is scrolled. So you can not loop over the rows of the table to determine the state of a checkbox.

            The checkbox must drive and be driven by a property in the dataProvider.