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    The Audio Doesn't Sync with the video


      I'm a complete novice to captivate and I'm trying to capture an area within a IE web browser. I choose to add the audio at the same time as doing the video.

      What I get however is the audio does not seem to keep up very well with the video capture.

      In addition and perhaps this may be connected, if I click on a link on the webpage I am viewing and scroll up/down the page, captivate doesn't seem to be able to cope with it.

      When I play back the movie, I will see mouse hovering over and clicking where the relevant button would be had the video caught up, it's a couple of second behind.

      So I guess I have two problems.

      I apologise if I'm not providing all the correct information I would also be happy to create a captivate file and upload it to explain more clearly what the problem is.


      Simon H
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          SimonHarrison Level 1
          Well I seem to be able to solve the video not keeping up with the scrolling by opting for the "record at high full motion " option

          I still seem to have the audio problem but what I also can't solve is that the mouse movement on the screen only shows when you actually click on a button, I want the mouse to move around so I can point to certain areas on the screen but without actually clicking on the links and taking the user away from the current view.

          Is that possible or does activate only allow the mouse to be showing moving around the screen if your clicking on an object