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    FDS needed with CF 7.0.2?

      Is it necessary for me to use FDS when im running Coldfusion 7.0.2? I've read that CF already contains data services, so its not necessary. But then all of the examples on Adobe require it. At what point would i need FDS? Im confused.

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          aglosband Level 1
          No, it's not necessary to use FDS when running ColdFusion 7.0.2.

          If you want to know when you might want to use Flex with ColdFusion, I think this article does a good job of explaining that.


          Hope that helps.
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            Simon Bailey Level 1
            Make way for a struggling brain here in regards to all this flex coldfusion thing. I have installed flex builder and have cf 7.0.2 and am trying in desperation to complete my first app. I am using the Tutorial from one of the getting started pdf's for flex, chapter 20 is Use Coldfusion Event Gateway adapter to send a message from flex to a cf app and cfc to send a message to flex app. Its sending to the cfc and back to flex but not sending the email?

            Not sure if its me but every time I set up some sort of new server application there are different work arounds and methods to set up the darn thing. So, can I avoid the flex data services all together and just stick with cf, setting up everything as the ben forta article explains in the WEB-Inf directory etc. If so has anyone seen a tutorial for sending data back and forth from flex to coldfusion and a database, raw and simple?