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    Can Line Motion Draw?

    Josh_Pratt Level 1
      I'm working on a preloader, which is a movie clip which is 100 frames long. I've got an animation of a line spinning a circle like a minute hand on a clock. I'd like to have wherever the line travels to draw and fill in the same color as the line. I could spend the time to make a mask and a fill, but I thought that maybe with actionscript or something there was a way to have the line just "draw" over wherever it travels.

      Any suggestions?
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          Pete_Hughes Level 1
          If you draw the line with ActionScript, you will know where the end points are, allowing you to draw a series of rectangles as the line moves. If the line has been tweened along a timeline, you could still get the bounds of the movieclip containing the line and do the same thing.