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    Button, onRollIn, OnRollOut

    simey70 Level 1
      Hi, i am creating a button in flash for a dreamweaver site, and i want it animated hence why im using flash. This is what i have done;

      on the stage, i created some text, then converted that to a movie clip. In the movie clip, i converted that to a button. I went back into the movie clip and created the motion tweens, 2 simple movements so the button slides right when rolled over, and slides back into plce when rolledout. In the movie clip, i have selected the button and added action script, i cant remember the code exactley, but it works on another site, but when i test my movie, you see the tween working, but the button instance does not work. It plays as if its a sinlge movie clip.

      is it something to do with the way i set this up? any tutorials ??

      hope someone can help !!