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      Is there anyway to put the files in different folders? For instance, can I put all the graphics in a sub folder, while putting all but the index file in a different folder? I'm a clean freak and its just so messy in there
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Yes you certainly can but make sure you move the files around from inside the RH project tab rather than a windows explorer window or else you'll find lots of broken links. Just click and drag single files in the project tab or collectively from the Topics tab. You may also want to look at the following scry at Rick Stones site. Click on this link for a good analysis of images and folders
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            Not only can you do this, but you must do this to keep things organized! I like to create folders related to various topical areas of the help system. For example, if I have admin and user sections in the same help file, I'll likely create Admin and User folders, then move the appropriate topics into each folder. I do this by right-clicking the Topics "folder" in RH's navigation pane, creating the new folders, and then dragging the topics to the appropriate folders.

            For images, the process is a little different. I never create the folders in the Images "folder" in RH - I create them via the Topics area, and they're reflected in the Images "folder" (which is really just a list of images, not a true unique folder). Some people get confused by this, but it's easy to remember: the Images "folder" and the Topics "folder" in RH both point to your project's home directory. Each area displays a subset of items in your directory structure (HTM files and images, respectively).

            As Colum notes, you should create the folders in RH rather than Windows Explorer. Good luck!