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    Can't locate movieClip

      This will be hard for me to explain, but please bare with me.

      I have loaded an external .swf file on to the stage with multiple movieClips in it. From the main timline of which I load this external .swf file, I am moving the movieclip(s) around the stage (with the commands of the arrow key). On the main timeline I have this:

      function this_function() {

      onEnterFrame = function() {

      trace(mc_holder.village._x); //just to view the position of the external .swf file x value

      IF(this occurs) {
      } ELSE {

      //rest of stuff below


      When I trace the village on the onEnterFrame function, I am successful in viewing the value/position of the village in the in the external .swf file. However, if 'this_occurs' and I tell it to use the function 'this_function', where I tell it to trace the village again, it doesn't recongize the movieClip, or village. Instead of giving me a value, it just gives me 'undefined'. So why is it that the 'this_function' can't locate the external .swf file village? Hopefully I explained it so you can understnad my problem.