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    Media Playback Component - how do i close connection

      I am using the media playback component to stream Mp3 files. The rtmp files are loaded into my flash component from a database and show up as click-to-play links. When the users click to play them, I call stop on the playback component if it is currently playing and then the playback component path is changed to the clicked song and then told to play. When I run this as a Flash Application everything is fine, however, when I preview on the web or load onto the web it has problems.

      On the Web:
      1. Each time I click a link it makes a new connection to the Media Server and does not close the old one.
      2. The music either fails to play, stutters, plays both streams, or plays for a while and quits.
      3. I end up with one user taking up a bunch of streaming licenses

      From Flash:
      1. Each time I click a link it closes the old connection and makes a new connection.
      2. The correct song plays without problems.
      3. 1 User, 1 License

      Does anyone have any thoughts? How do I explicitly close that connection?