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    F3 playback problem


      We use Captivate to record screen simulations on a TN3270 mainframe window. The simulation requires the user to press the F3 key to continue the simulation because that is the key to use in the mainfraime. yet when we publish the .CP file and view in IE 6.0, the captivate movie does not respond. Any suggestions?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          F3 is the "Find" shortcut for your browser, as I remember. It really should NOT be used as a keyboard-shortcut in your movie because of this conflict with the browser.

          If delivery can be made by a slower (physical?) container (CD for instance, or download-then-play), you might try using EXE output in your Publishing from Captivate. I don't think that F3 is reserved by Flash Player, so this might work (but of course, I could also be wrong about the F3 key in Flash Player, too, as I haven't tested it). Just a thought...