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    New connection makes it difficult to upload on remote server

    jacknewton Level 1

      Have you ever experimented trouble in connecting on your ftp servers when changing connection types? I just went from dial-up to optic fibre, and it seems like either Dreamweaver or the ftp server doesn't like the high-speed connection. It does take the upload, but it takes a while (I get the waiting for server message, then connection lost to the server and eventually accepts the request). Sad to say, but it was quicker with dial-up connection to modify/update sites.

      It is not the host, as I tested it with the numerous hosts I have sites with, and they all do the same...

      Any idea where I should look? Is it a set-up? Wrong configuration of DW MX 2004? Should I think of another way such as cuteftp?

      It's becoming a real pain and headhache...