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    xml problems?

      my file photos.swf reads an xml file and displays some jpegs that are referenced there. it works running in a local directory but not on the server. i'd be very grateful if anyone could explain why this might be??
        • 1. xml problems?

          well its hard to give a definitive answer cos you dont give much detail.

          Try to figure out if the xml is loaded correctly. Put a texfield on your stage and add in it the result of the loading of your xml ... so you will see a true or a false in it.

          var myXml = new XML();

          myXml.onLoad = checkLoad;


          function checkLoad(success){
          _root.textBox.text = success;

          If the xml is loaded correctly (true in the textfield), then you should check if the pictures are present on your server and if so check if the path is the same than on local.