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    Lat & longitude coordinates in flash map?

      Currently, I have a map of the united states, where each state is a button that jumps to another page when you click on it.

      I also have a list of customers and the (town, STATE) where they are located.

      I would really like to be able to have flash coordinate with a list, be it XML or otherwise, that contains the locations of the customers, then have it ask google maps, yahoo, or some other online program where those locations are, then have it plot those locations on a large map of the state that was clicked on. This way, a customer will be able to come to the large map of the United States, click on his state, and see the locations of my company's other customers in that state.

      I have heard seen other sites grab the coordinates from a location, but I have no idea how to do something like that. ANY suggestions are welcome, even if it is to say that I am doing something wrong.

      To see the map I have so far, go here: http://www.geocities.com/tjs1212/MyMap.html

      Again, the goal is to go to a state, explode the state to a larger iew, and be able to see existing customers in that state with dots where they are located. (can make the max number of locations per state as low as 10 to make it streamlined).