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      OK... here's the process...

      I compile (layout is HTML), then get the "view results" button like always. I click on that... nothing happens... SO.. i go directly to the CHM file and double click to view it from there.... but i get an error that says that the file cannot be opened.

      If i try to RE-compile using the same file name, i get an error that the file is already open in another window.. and that i should close all HTML windows. However, the only windows open are the regular RH HTML windows where i am authoring.

      SOOOOOOOOOO.. i have to recompile and rename the project, then not use the "view result" button, but then go the the chm file and open from there... OK FINE.. BUT... i have to rename the project EVERYTIME i compile.

      I've not had this problem before.. what have i done to cause this problem?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Are you compiling from a project on your hard disk to a location on your hard disk?

          Do you get the same problem if you create a new project?

          Have you tried rebooting the PC since this occurred?

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            ktbCA57 Level 1
            Hi Peter! good to hear from you...

            Compiling is done on the hard disk.. always... i learned that one the hard way.. i think YOU taught be about that previously (a long while back)! lol

            I didn't have time to try it on a new project ... stupid deadlines!

            Haven't tried rebooting the PC... didn't even think of it.. DUH!

            Thanks for your time and input on this! :-)

            P.S. this seems to be intermittent... if i changed the location of the compilation (where the chm was placed), it would work for awhile, then stop.

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              Level 2

              I think it's probably creating a real mess to be renaming the project. It's not compiling because it is "already open." But although it's not properly open, I'd suspect that Windows has a fragment open somewhere. This needs to be cleaned up. Reboot and that should fix it but it may not fix the underlying problem and it may recur.

              I would suspect it is a bad window definition or that your hh.dat file got horked. ["hork" is a highly technical term I picked up from Rick Stone on these forums :)] Try CTRL-ALT-DEL and see if Windows thinks something (your help file or application) is running before you compile. If so, you can terminate it. But then you have to figure out how it got there.

              Because I have five versions of software - all with the same app and help file name - running on my development computer and some of these aren't registered with Windows, I've seen some weird things happen to the hh.dat file, which contains window placement parameters. Sometimes the coordinates end up somewhere in the next county. Deleting the hh.dat file always fixes these problems. Of course, it will trash the window size and position of other help files too.


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                Hi all,

                I have been having the same problem of late. I have not changed anything by way of file locations.
                I can compile a CHM file and I can "usually" launch it by clicking the view file choice after it has been compiled.
                But, if I then make some edits and recompile during the same session I am unable to open the newly compiled file.
                I need to exit RH and then recompile again in order to open the new CHM file.
                Then the process starts all over again.

                If I try to launch the CHM file by double clicking on it I get the following error message:
                Cannot open the file:@MSITStore:D:\RoboHelp Office\.....

                What I have noticed is a bunch of "new" folders being created in my Help project folder.
                They are all tmp folders but they are all empty.
                The folder names are sequential, so a new one looks to be created each time I compile.
                The names are:

                Oh, and I have rebooted my computer since the problem started.
                I am running WinXP Pro SP2.

                I tried deleting the CHM file so that I could recompile but I received an error message indicating that the file could not be deleted because it is being used by another person or program.

                I checked Task Manager and the CHM file is not open.
                If I exit RH then I can delete the CHM file. But, if I have to close RH I don't need to delete the CHM file anyway.

                I would appreciate any ideas.
                Thanks in advance.
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                  RoboWizard Level 4
                  Hi gINT Help

                  Unfortunately, I have to ask the same initial question of you that fellow Adobe Community Expert Peter asked ktbCA57

                  Where exactly does your drive letter D refer to? Is this a second hard drive on your system? Or is it a mapped drive letter that points to another PC? Or is it possibly on a CD-ROM?

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    gINT_Help Level 1
                    Hi Rick,

                    D is a logical partition on one of the hard drives in my computer.
                    The OS is on one drive and the data files and programs are located on another drive.
                    It is not a mapped drive.
                    The swap file is located on yet another drive.
                    The d-drive is part of a mirrored RAID set.

                    This is the same configuration that I have been running for some time.

                    This problem is a recent development.
                    A couple of months ago I did a complete reinstallation of WinXP and all my applications.
                    The problem did not start then.