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    Anchors in dynamic text fields?

      Hey guys!

      I'm just building my first Flash site and I really need it to work, it's a finishing project for my web design education. I'm building a music shop site.

      Here's the problem. I have a price list. I have to build a catalog with a few products and when you click on those products, it takes you the price list BUT, exactly to the position of that product in the price list.

      So, basically, I need something like an anchor that's used in HTML to get me to all the various places in the pricelist.

      I could make an MC out of a static text field, animate it across some frames and then when I click on the product in the catalog, make it take me to a specific frame in the pric list MC animation.

      But I need to load the text dynamically using a bunch of different .txt files, so that the user can change the price list without using Flash.

      So, is that even possible? I'd really appreciate if someone could help me out!