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    SMUS won't accept my Director serial number

    Flipline Level 3
      I've got a license of Director MX 2004, which included the SMUS 3.0 in the Goodies folder on the CD. I've got it to run, but only with the default 50 connections available. I've tried using my Director MX 2004 serial number to unlock the 1000/2000 connections (serial starts with a DRD100 instead of the old DRW850), and the SMUS server app tells me that the serial number is invalid, and won't unlock further connections. The additional connections are important for a commercial project that I'm working on, but I can't seem to get it to recognize my DMX2004 serial number, and Adobe won't provide any support on this since it's not supported any longer.

      Does anyone have any ideas?

      Thanks in Advance,
      Matt Neff
      Flipline Studios