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    Print scrollable TextArea


      I'm looking for an example about printing textArea content using PrintJob class and taking into acount scrolling text.

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          var myPrintJob:PrintJob = new PrintJob();
          var result:Boolean = myPrintJob.start();
          if (result) {
          } else {
          // User does not have a printer or user canceled print action}
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            I have been in search of a Flash tutorial that provides detailed directions on how to "print" the contents of a TextArea (Not in a MC) that is populated with an XML file or any text for that matter. I did find some information on the PrintJob Class. However, for me, it is a little hard to follow. Basically, I have a number of buttons that when a specific button is clicked it loads a specific XML file that could contain multiple pages. This all happens on the main timeline. If anyone knows how I can get dynamic content that is loaded into Flash to print I would greatly appreciate it!