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    using the number in a name

      i need to use a number from a name i get
      i have an array of thumbnails, when i rollOver them and trace..., i get the name of the thumb, for example _level0.thumbLoader_mc8. is there a way to use the 8 (or any number that will be for that matter) so i can use it in a for function, i need to write a function that goes from 0 to the number of the thumb thats rolled over.
      i remember that there is a way somehow, but i dont know how
      anyone know?
        • 1. using the number in a name
          Put the following code in the main timeline and along with a movieclip with an instance name of, “thumbLoader8_mc”. Read the comments in the code. However if your thumbLoaders has a double digit (10, 57) you need to modify the code slightly.