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    Flash Ghosts or something else

      I have a project that as a FLASH file finishes playing, Director loads up the next one, starts that flash file playing and so on.
      Having upgraded to 10.1.1 I now have a semi inconsistent behaviour and want to know if anyone else has experienced it !!

      This is the scenario I'm dealing with
      10 frame dierctor file
      Sprite(3) is a flash movie
      Director frame(10) has a 'Go The Frame handler'
      The playback head enters frame 1 and starts playing the Flash file
      Play head sits at frame 10 while Flash file is played out.
      Flash file has this behaviour attached to it
      on exitFrame me
      if not sprite(pCurrentSprite).playing = 1 then
      end if

      Cool, when Flash reaches its' final frame - playing would = 0 and Director would DoSomething. But it doesnt, the Flash file starts again, sound has been dropped then at some random point Flash stops -- playing = 0 then Director does the right thing and does DoSomething.

      Flash files dont have (actionscript: stop) at the end (but have worked pre update)
      Flash cast member has 'loop' turned off (both checkbox & lingo)
      Director FrameRate = 999

      My point is:
      Flash file is not registering a correct 'playing=0' OR Director is not picking it up
      Flash File randomly announces (playing=0) on second pass (Which director picks up)
      On second pass looses sound

      Thought I'd put this out as I dont have access to .fla files for another week so cannot test the use of a stop() actionscript. Interested to know if any1 else has happened across bizzareness like this !!