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    "slow script"

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      Hi all. I have a flash module that reads in data via an xml file. It then has to convert this data to a string and manipulate it in various ways to get it in correct form. I do have to use a while loop so I can tell when I've processed the entire string. It all works fine.

      Problem is, I have some xml files that are rather large. I have optimized the code to the best of my ability and do not really see any way I could make it run faster, these are just some big files. The issue is that I get the error from Flash telling me that a script is causing my movie to run slowly, which it should. I do not want my end user to have to click this repeatedly until the larger files finally finish.

      Is there any workaround to this or anything I can do? I think the code is about as optimized as it can get.

      Thanks in advance.