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    Microsoft Update Kills Flash?

      The problem:
      A coworker and myself are unable to view Flash animations or videos and we are also unable to install Flash 8 or 9 or 7.

      We previously had Flash 8 Player installed and working. As of the past two days or so - Flash has disappeared from our systems and we cannot install it. The common factor that we share is that we both have Windows XP Pro SP2 with IE 6 and Windows Media Player 10 and we both had a Windows Media Player 10 update applied in the past two days.

      Other personnel that do NOT have this issue have Windows Media Player 9 and or have not had installed anything from MS Update in the past two days or so.

      Thus -- I'm thinking the problem is tied, somehow to this MS Update.

      I'm trying to gauge the extent of this issue -- has this happened to anyone else and if so, do you know if a fix is in the works?