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    Need to fade image on mouse over

      Hey forum! Please go easy on me - only know basic stuff like creating fades and such in the time line.

      Question: I have an image (150 x 100 pixels) that I would like to have darken and a word appear on mouseover while linking to a URL on a mouse click. Normal tweening is easy, but I haven't the faintest idea how to make it as a mouse over event.

      Looked at another article in the forums, but it isn't exactly what I want to do, and it was confusing. Here's the link to the home page of what I'm trying to change: http://www.stewartheatingandair.com (the small squares on the lower right).

      Right now I'm doing the image change and link in just CSS and HTML, but I'd like it to be a nice fade in and out as opposed to a hard change. Might also do something with the word like have it slide in.

      Any help much appreciated!