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    Is there a way to deactivate the main movie when you load a MIAW?

      Here's the situation:

      My employer deploys in Director projectors and this the first time I handled a project from beginning to end - it's also the first time I use Director for everything as I am a Flash developer.

      Anyway, he insists the format has to be a full screen main projector sans title bar and I decided to use MIAW's for the subsections rather than just a huge timeline in an unwieldy movie (we're talking over 10 GB worth of content in it - it's a training application full of real world examples with videos and all sorts of dummy-proof perks).

      Anyway, on some of the MIAW's, there are parts that require clicking on objects that coincide with the position of interactive objects on the main movie that is running in the background and when that happens, the MIAW gets set to the background with the main movie going on top. Needless to say, I want to avoid that.

      Is there a way to do this within lingo or some options I need to click on or do I need to come up with a workaround?