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    Close Swf  Window

    amit yunger

      I'm trying to create a button that closes an swf file. I've checked many tutorials, but none of them solve this problem.

      I could use fscommand, but I understand it only works for an EXE file, and that creates a lot of security problems...

      All the getURL java stuff doesn’t work, either.

      How can I simply close a window of an swf file??

      [I don't want to use an HTML file because of the browser's panels that will "push" down the window]

      Thank you for your assistance,

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          How are you planning on showing this file? In the Flash player? If that's the case, then no, there is no way to close a window in the Flash player from within the Flash movie itself.

          If you want to use a browser, you can create a chromeless window with your Flash movie as the content. From there you can close that window, because it will have been opened using Javascript.
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            amit yunger Level 1
            I have a problem using the browser. I made a courseware that should be displayed all over the screen. The browser's panels push the courseware downward.
            Is there any way of opening the browser without its panels?