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    Flash button problems

      The company i work for build computer based exams in Flash MX 2004 Pro.

      We decided to make the dynamic text boxes which displays the exam questions selectable. This is so an external speech software can read the text when copied. After doing this the buttons on the page that load in the new questions (from inside the action script) sometimes stop working, as if they were enabled false... This only happens for one or 2 clicks then it just starts going again.

      The pointer changes from the little hand back to the arrow and the button stops clicking, even when you are right over the clicking area.

      It makes no difference how fast or slow you click it still happens.

      There seems to be no pattern in the way that it stops just when it feels like it.

      Also i tried moving and the buttons so there a good way apart from the text box yet this still seems to happen.

      Asoon as i make the text boxes on screen unselectable it all starts working correctly again.

      If anyone has any ideas why this is happening can you please reply and let me know....

      or email me on

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          JenMQui Level 1
          Hello Ricky.

          I'm not sure if this will solve your problem, though I can take a stab at it. Do your buttons contain text also? Sometimes if I find buttons with text that is not selectable behaving slightly blinky, I make sure the text inside the button is a movie clip and the situation resolves. It seems to produce a more stable hit state overall.

          I hope this helps, though if not, I am sure someone will reply again.

          Jennifer Quigley
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            Ricky@Award Level 1
            Hi Jennifer,

            Thank you for the reply. There is no text on the button, but the button is a weird arrow shape.

            So with your advice i am going to turn the image inside the button into a movie clip as it might still mke it more stable.

            Thank you very much!