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    Tree Component and as3

    eddymilner Level 1
      Hello ..

      my problem is tree component and AS3 , before we hade such easy time with tree component in as2 but now i founded that we cant talk directly to tree component and we have to use API and XML , well i never liked XML and before i worked with tree component directly and no problem but now , Flex force me to work with XML or API(well I don’t know what dose it mean ) and I was tiring to find any way to get directly to tree component in Flex2 and no result … so my question , do I have use XML ? Is there any another way to get to Tree Component ? I was looking in Flex help , and I find the help content is really bad . pleas help , I get crazy about this problem …….

      BWY this form work terrible on my PC ….. anyone have same problem ?