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    Ancient history problem

      I've got some very old--as in version 6.5--Director files that I'm hoping might just be salvageable somehow. These are touch-screen interactives that ran fine on the exceedingly outdated hardware they've been on. But those machines are no longer tenable and we'd like to be able to continue running the interactives on new hardware. When we've tried it they are very slow and glitchy. I've got the original source files, but of course they are too many versions distant to be recognized by a more current version of Director.

      I assume we'd need to version-hop them by opening 'em in the earliest Director that's back-compatible with 6.5, exporting them--then lather rinse repeat, probably with some tweaking along the way to update deprecated code etc., to get them up to the present day.

      Does this sound utterly futile? If not, does anyone know where we could get hold of the obsolete Director versions we'd need? Anyone gone through anything like this before?