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    Conditional text in numbered lists

      Hi All,

      Could anyone tell me whether it is possible to apply conditional text to an entry in a numbered list and ensure that the entries remain consecutively numbered.

      At the moment, after processing, the numbering does not alter leaving gaps in the numbered points.

      Any advice would be appreciated.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi s-j-w. You certainly can but it depends on how you have applied your tags. Check the syntax of the list item. It should be something like <li style="x-condition: tag1;" class=kadov-P> where tag1 is the cbt name.
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            CraigCC Level 2
            Hi s-j-w,

            Colum is absolutely right, you can apply conditional tags to numbered list and keep the sequence numbers. What I do is click on the list item three times in the wysiwyg editor and then right-click and select the conditional tag - that way you are sure to select the entire list item - if in doubt check the position onf the condition tag in the true code. One little gotcha is if you use the 'Restart Numbering' feature - kind of obvious I know but it still catches me out. When you restart numbering the number is hard coded and the sequences will not be automatically updated.

            Kind Regards
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              s-j-w Level 1
              Hi Colum and Craig,

              Thanks very much for your assistance. I now understand where I was going wrong and it works perfectly.