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    Help with Debugger

    chrism59 Level 1
      I have two problems.

      When I run a movie in the debugger the only code that will trigger a breakpoint is the code that is place on the frame. If I use a button to call a function, the code on the button and the code in the function will not trigger the breakpoint to allow me to step through the code.

      Anyone every hear of this? Any suggestions how to fix the problem?

      Second I have a text input that I want to trigger only after the user has changed the field in total...

      i.e. the user enters 300 using the onChanged option the function I want to execute runs after each character is entered.

      Using the onKillFocus causes the code function to get called when the movie is loaded. This field is used to enter a quantity and has a default value of 0.

      (found this using trace statements because the breakpoints won't stop)

      Running the function at the load can cause problems and having the function run with onChanged can either add 3 + 30 + 300 not correct 333 items will be added or worse 3+0+0 with on 3 items being add.

      Any suggestions?