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    loading external data

    jeeepU Level 1
      G'day all,
      I am trying to load external data about my teamspeak server (such as how many people are logged in) into flash. I'm using a method that loads the data into a textbox and it works until I try to load $user[nick] or $offline[5] (as seen in the attached code). $user[nick] is a function that finds who is logged in and then list the corresponding people. When I load this into a text box only the first player name shows up and not the other two or three. $offline[5] does the same thing. Is there a way to make it where the text box can show the rest of the names? I have tried to make dynamic text with multiline but it does the same thing.
      Here is the actionscript:
      myData = new LoadVars();
      myData.onLoad = function(){
      placeTheDataIntoTheRightPlace = function(){
      txtBox1.text = myData.textbData1;
      txtBox2.text = myData.textbData2;
      txtBox3.text = myData.textbData3;