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    calling a .exe from a Flash projector file

      I'm trying to call a .exe file from a Flash Projector file using the following code . . .

      fscommand("exec", "RipstationLite.exe" f="TouchScreen.rsf");

      The code "f="TouchScreen.rsf" points to an XML structured file which contains all the settings necessary for the RipstationLite.exe file to run automatically.

      Can I pass this 'settings' file like this, as a parameter, using the fscommand function?

      Any help would as always be much appreciated.
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          Goo101 Level 1
          Ok, Flash continues to infuriate me!

          I have removed the 'settings' file parameter from my fscommand call to see if my projector would at least launch the .exe file, as per the following code . . .

          fscommand("exec", "Ripstation Lite.exe");

          But nothing happened . . .

          I also tried another Windows .exe to see if it would work and again it failed to launch anything . . .

          fscommand("exec", "C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe");

          This .swf is wrapped by Zinc to produce a Projector .exe file but yet it fails to launch either .exe file! Why is this!?!?
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            Goo101 Level 1
            Just to clarify this issue, I got the call to the .exe working by publishing my Flash Projector file from Flash. Previously I had been using Zinc to produce the Flash Projector file and from some reason the fscommand function won't work in a Zinc compiled Flash Projector file . . . ?