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    Maximise the exe

    ajeet.ghule Level 1
      When i publish my director mx application i create a exe in the application folder, but my problem is that exe is not of maximum size means the exe should be maximized.but when i maximise it the original stage goes to thelefthande side top corner.and the UI looks very ugly :(. I want to maximise my stage saize to the size of my desktop window.Is there any setting or a piece of code we need to write to achieve thi.Please let me know.

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          duckets Level 1
          If you always want your movie to be maximised to the monitor size, you can set the stage rect in your startmovie handler:

          monitorWidth = _system.deskTopRectList[1].width
          monitorHeight= _system.deskTopRectList[1].height
          _movie.stage.rect = rect(0,0,monitorWidth,monitorHeight)

          The stage rect property represents the coordinates of the stage window on the user's monitor.

          hope this helps!

          - Ben
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            Level 7
            If you ALWAYS want it full-screen, you can just set the Full Screen setting
            when you make the projector - no code needed. Also make sure Centered is
            checked, or it'll still end up in the upper left corner, though.