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    FileXtra4 & CD Reader/writer Drives

      I have been using FileXtra4 and it has worked wonderfully for me. I have found the method for locating the CD volume path, very useful

      Recently, I have been using it on PC's with only one CD/DVD drive. This drive is both the reader and the writer. When I have a projector on the desktop that is looking for the CD volume, it can not find it.

      Also, this problem doesn't occur on laptops, where the reader & writer drives are combined.

      Has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions?
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          duckets Level 1
          could you post the code you are using, which is not working for you?
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            rc_mantis Level 1
            I believe the problem occurs after it has identified the reader writer CD/DVD volume (using the FileXtra4 VolumeTests())

            So this the code that runs after that:

            on test_FileExists

            global gFile, gDrive, gPath, gTest

            fxObj = xtra("FileXtra4").new()

            thePath = gDrive & "Content\Files\start.dxr"
            gPath = thePath

            put thePath

            --get's result of sort after file existence
            put "test_FileExists(): length of path == " & string(thePath.length)
            put "fx_FileExists() returns " & string(fxObj.fx_FileExists(thePath))

            errCode = fxObj.fx_ErrorNumber()

            gTest = errCode

            put "FileXtra4 error code: " & string(errCode)

            --if file there go to it, else if it ain't there - alert.
            if errCode = 0 then
            gFile = "success"
            go next
            else if errCode <> 0 then
            put " error string: " & fxObj.fx_ErrorString()
            alert ("Please place the S.T.O.P. Passport CDROM in to your CD drive and re-launch this programme")
            end if

            fxObj = 0