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    Can not view .swf when uploaded.

      My web page contains a swf file which reference to Flash video (.flv files). I am aware of the necessity to have all the files uploaded to the website, and that they should be in the same folder: the html file which is the web page, the swf file, the flv file.

      When I PREVIEW the page locally on my computer using either the dreamweaver preview or previewing in a browser, the video plays fine. I have also previewed using different browsers. However, when I go to the site on the web, the video does not play. It's a blank. As a mater of fact anything related to the flash code shows up at all not even a empty area where it is suppose to be. It is as if when the code is read it is skipped over . I compared my codded before uploadind it and after and somehow my code shown below taken out. It is suppose to be in the table. My body moves up to where the .swf should be.

      The link to the problem page is:

      Here is the code to what it is suppose to look like you will have to view my code on the lik above to see how it looks after I upload it.

      I am new to this stuff please help. What am I doing wrong?