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    modifier animation

    tyree_2 Level 2
      this uses the ripple modifier in max even though it looks like a wave
      a patch object, which it why it looks soft, no meshsmooth

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          Hi Tyree,

          It's good that you're experimenting with Shockwave 3D and discovering
          what you can do with it. When posting your demos, I'd suggest you give a
          bit more info (textutal description) on what you've actually done. I'd
          include this on the page itself. That way, if people look at your demos,
          they're more than just an animated effect, they're a set of info to help
          explain how to achieve those things.

          It actually may be helpful to you as well, as a way of recording and
          formalising your knowlege. I know I learn a lot from writing out
          tutorials. And, I still use some of my pages as references when I'm
          working on a project that uses some of the documented techniques.

          There's always multiple ways of doing thing in Director. As you
          experiement, you may find better ways of doing things. Your website could
          be your learning 'diary' and be an interesting learning journey for other


          Director Lecturer / Consultant

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            tyree_2 Level 2
            I didnt give a detailed description because its all done in max. using bones and a modifier. which I already stated in modifier based animation. Its something anybody can do. this only took 3 minutes. All the strenght lies in the host 3d program. The 3d shockwave exporter in max and other 3d programs is just a recorder no different than a tape recorder. it does not distinguish between the sounds it records. It records whatever it comes across, the exporter is the same, whatever motion you put in front of it. It simply records it. where you decide to get that motion from is completely up to the user. the exporter doesnt know one motion from the other. motion capture from keyframe, reactor from cloth, reaction manager from hair. All it knows is that bones must be present for animation, if an object deforms. where the source of the motion comes from that does the animating is completely up to the user . Take a 3d program like max that can do a 100 different types of animation. even though shockwave 3d doesnt directly support it. because of the recorder shockwave can also do most of the different types of animation. For instance bones, max has 4 different types of bones, you can make a bone chain that combines all the other types into one chain and have something that moves in an akward fashion. Director doesnt know that some of these bones didnt exist when shockwave 3d came about but the motion from that chain can be exported to shockwave nonetheless. This is more about using the power of the host 3d program than it is about director. And the host 3d programs are about animation among other things inspite of the fact that director is treated as a programming module. once director added the 3d aspect to it. That opened it up to the visual medium