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    .net Help type

    tojo45 Level 1
      We have just been advised that two of the applications that we write helps for will be using .net in the next version and the developers believe we cannot use chm compiled Helps in those two applications.
      They say we will need to use WebHelp to build HTML files for it. Is this true? Secondly, if so, will the other modules of our s/w suite that use CHM's be able to jump to the .net HTML helps, and in turn, will the HTML jumps work to a CHM. I did a quick compile of a currently CHM based Help using WebHelp and two external links no longer worked.

      Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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          CraigCC Level 2
          You can ship HTML Help .chm with .NET definitely.
          Unless they have other restrictions with their design (e.g. embeded help)?

          What are they worried about specifically, the help calls from .NET?

          If so, run a search on .NET and you'll find a few threads on creating calls for .NET applications.

          Are you using shortcut controls for you external links? If so, these will not work for Webhelp.

          Kind Regards
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            MergeThis Level 4
            .NET applications often (as in our case) have a multiple-server architecture, and the Help is usually installed on a server, rather than on each local machine. If this will be your setup, Webhelp is required.

            As to your current testing, you'll probably find that your relative paths between the CHMs and Webhelp are incorrect (they might have even been changed to absolute paths).

            Good luck,
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              tojo45 Level 1
              Craig / Leon, Thanks for the responses. Sorry for not providing more detail. We are in the process of making all Help calls CHM, and have transitioned most of our helps to CHM from HLP. Now a developer for one application advised that it will be .net based and he needed us to provide HTML help for it to maintain context sensitivity.

              All of our applications are part of a s/w suite that should be able to refer to each others help with external links. I am concerned as to whether (or how) we can make this work. The mixture seems incompatible so far as i can determine.