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    Page transitions effects

    ChuckRWD Level 1
      I've looked around a lot, but I have not been able to find any tutorial explicitly going over just how to design transition effects between pages (i.e., the effect through which the Home page loads, and how to smoothly dissapear its content when the viewer clicks to go to a different page, and the same thing for all pages basically).

      I've learned the basics of motion and shape tweening, as well as masking (using tweens), and some basic actionscript, however, with various content on my pages it does not allow me to do a mask/tween nor is it at all a practical solution for my specific problem: again, I want the pages to load up and dissapear smoothly with some sort of effect. I have set the pages up using labels.

      Any input, or link to a descent tutorial on the subject would be greatly appreciated.