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    captivate and pdf


      I dont know wheather this is an acrobat problem or a captivate problem? I upgraded to Acrobat 7.0.8 and to Captivate 2. I want to embed a captivate file into a pdf document. any Ideas? Acrobat says you can embed swf files but as yet no luck.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi dick the flash and welcome to our community

          This may be one of those "gray areas" where there really is no "problem" per se.

          Captivate 2 creates more files than Captivate 1 did. So it may be necessary to take special measures to get things imported. I'll be happy to outline what I know here, then you can possibly ask your question in the Acrobat forum for further information. (I have no knowledge of how Acrobat works)

          A typical Captivate movie consists of four files. Let's assume our project is named "Boffo".

          * JavaScript file named standard.js
          * HTML file named the same as your captivate project with an extension of .HTM. In this case, it would be "Boffo.htm".
          * The skin .SWF file. This file is named the same as your captivate project, and has _skin.SWF appended. In this case, it would be "Boffo_skin.swf".
          * The movie .SWF file. This file is named the same as your captivate project, and has the .SWF extension. In this case, it would be "Boffo.swf".

          So the Boffo.HTM page is launched. This page looks for the standard.js file. It then loads up the Boffo_skin.swf file. The Boffo_skin.swf file in turn loads up the Boffo.swf file.

          As this is being somehow included as part of the Acrobat .PDF file, I would think you could forego the .HTM and .JS files. This would leave only the two .SWF files. And here is my stop. You will need to hear from someone else whether .PDF content can use a .SWF that calls a .SWF. And if so, how to go about getting them added to the .PDF project.

          Hopefully this has been helpful... Rick
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            rbrimson Level 1
            OK thank you for your reply.
            I can turn the two swf files into one by checking the boarders check box. that gives me one file to embed.

            What you are saying is go to the Acrobat forum for the rest?
            Thanks once again