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    contentPath for FLV from XML


      I have an swf hosted online, it has an instance of FLV Playback and several buttons. When the buttons are clicked a different flv plays, pretty simple so far. I need to be able to change the URL of the FLV easily and frequently, i thought i could accomplish this using an .as file, not realising the info in this is only included at publishing, meaning i would have to keep uploading a new swf each time.

      I therefore need to use either XML or a text file. So far i've managed to use a text file to set the variables that allow me to change the buttons' text description, but when it comes to changing the contentPath of the FLV i have to idea how to go about it.

      Any help would be most appreciated, please bear in mind i have no idea how to use XML with Flash :)

      Thanks in advance