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    ValueObject and ObjectProxy and CFC

    WestSide Level 1

      I thought I had this working but I guess not. I am trying to map a CFC to a ActionScript Value Object. When I look at the CFC I can see my object, but when it comes back to Flex it comes typed as an "ObjectProxy" not my Value Object. I have the following code:

      //path to the cfc
      In my VO I have: [RemoteClass(alias="AppName.cfc.PersonVO")]

      //path to the AS Value Object
      In my CFC I have: <cfcomponent alias="AppName.src.com.abc.model.vo.PersonVO">

      I checked the case of my code and it all matches. I just don't get why it sends it back as a ObjectProxy and not as my ValueObject. I must be missing one last thing.

      Any ideas?