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    _global.myFunc() not accesable from other Domain

    squadjot Level 1
      I made a application that are spread over more SWF files, some of them are calling a _global function in the main movie. it It all works without problems, but only when its executed from same domain.

      I use system.securityallowDomain("*") in all the SWF's..And i know it's set up correct and working cause i can pass variables forth and back without problems, i can also call non-global functions (between SWF's).. but simply not global functions ...whyyyy????

      I would like to know if that is how it is supposed to be? ..either its a bug.. or else anuneeded security "feature" ..i mean.. i already declaired system.securityallowDomain.. in both child and parent SWF.. it should be enough imo.
        • 1. _global.myFunc() not accesable from other Domain
          arunbe Level 1
          I dont know what you have done to get the problem.
          But, _global functions are shared in the main movie, so , all the swf files which in turn loaded into the main movie can also call that _global function.
          I dont know, why this problem is comming for you...
          Can you just tel me the project stucture ???
          If problem in diffrent server means, you just try to use crossdomain.xml in your server...