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    Flex 2.0 reliability in a stressed environment

    patrickinmtl Level 1

      I am totally new to Flex 2.0 but am really amazed by the possibilities it offers for developpers but I wonder about its stability, or reliability, under heavy load.

      I recently had to start looking for Flex 2.0 for a POS (point-of-sale) application. Basically there would be a ColdFusion MX7 back-end, there would also be FDS (Flex Data Service) to manage the messaging between the Flex App installed locally on the user desktop. I am using FDS because on certain occasions I need to push data from the server to the desktop app and I do not want to have a timer looking each n seconds on the server for updates. To further increase performance I might very well end-up either: loading the entire product catalog into the server RAM or simply have the desktop app load an XML catalog on startup and use it as long the server didn't send the refreshCatalog() function... sort of. Some tests will need to be done.

      In any cases, my question is whether or not Flex 2.0 can be fast enough to sustain an hurry employee that punch in items real quick. This app will be interfaced with a touch-screen so no mouse and no keyboard will be required for regular operations... à la Palm OS, there will be a QWERTY keyboard and a calculator that may overlap at the bottom of the screen but basically the order entry will be a "fast and furious" button clicking session. Think about a waiter in a sport bar punching his order on its touch-screen during the Superbowl ;) ... you see how fast that can go?

      Would Flex 2.0 be able to keep the pace, or should I start looking for a .Net desktop app?