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    Flash Remote Debugging in HTML

      I am ctrl+ shift + enter on my .fla file. And have put my breakpoint on one of as file. I am opening same swf file in web browser. I have set enable remote debugging in flash. But still not able to go the breakpoint
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          I have the same problem. I can see the trace statement but can not stop at break point.




          I have my action script in separate .as files (Action Script 3.0).

          I have installed flash debugger 10.

          The publish settings are set to allow debugging and allow trace statements.

          I run the remote debugger for 3.0.

          Open my browser (IE8), it asks me to connect to the Localhost which I do.

          I can now see the trace statements as I play around with my .swf.

          However even though I have set breakpoints in the AS it is not stopping at them.


          This is my problem why can I see the trace statements but it doesn’t stop at the breakpoints.


          I am using Flash CS4 and the files are being exported as flash 9 with AS3.