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    Linking two swfs

      I have 3 files 1 is an intro.swf 1 is the main production.swf and one is a holder.swf
      previously we have had an flv in the intro with the code
      var listenerObject:Object = new Object();
      listenerObject.cuePoint = function(eventObject:Object):Void
      //goto main section
      flv_Intro.addEventListener("cuePoint", listenerObject);

      However we are now streaming the swf from a server but when it gets to the end of the streaming it just stops and doesnt continue and play the main production throught the holder file (which links the two) it doesnt have anything to do with the holder file as that basically just says load movie xxx.swf it works fine, its the intro file which also contains a skip button which will take you to the main file if clicked, but i want it so it takes me there without clicking on it at the end of the streaming server into!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          intro.swf is timeline based so when its last frame is reached, you want to load xxx.swf? or you want to load intro.swf when the flv completes play? or something else determines when the into finishes?