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    Regarding ArrayCollection

    flexdharma Level 1
      Hi All,
      I am having the following array collection
      <mx:ArrayCollection id="arrColl">
      <mx:Object pagefrom="1" pageto="2"/>
      <mx:Object pagefrom="3" pageto="5"/>
      <mx:Object pagefrom="6" pageto="8"/>
      <mx:Object pagefrom="9" pageto="10"/>
      <mx:Object pagefrom="11" pageto="12"/>
      <mx:Object pagefrom="13" pageto="14"/>

      I am creating another array dynamically that will accept the values for the same fields pagefrom and page to. I want to validate that the values stored in the new array was not between pagefrom and pageto. I want to loop both the array collection and check and want to check wether the page entered in the new array was not between the pagefrom and pageto in the existing array. How to do that. Help me