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    Help Finding Technical Writer

      I'm searching for someone, preferrably in Buffalo, NY, that is experienced in writing user manuals for software products. Any ideas?
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          Roger N Level 2
          JackBoyz -

          Welcome to the forum. Job opportunities are always welcome.

          You might want to post an address to contact privately.

          Further, you may want to consider contracting the work out, even if they are not local. What with shared webspace, free teleconferencing ( Skype), and email, working long-distance with a technical writer is as easy as being there...

          If you prefer, you can negotiate your payments based on milestones rather than an hourly rate. And software documentation is ideally suited for telecommuting.

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            I was in the Buffalo area last winter; where were you then? Does the tech writer have to be on location? Your best bet is to place an ad with CareerBuilder or similar job search website. They are great for employers and contractors. On my current software job, the recruiter found me on CareerBuilder. Another alternative in Monster.com.