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    Contribute confused?

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      I have finally got Dreamweaver to test OK in my manage sites Contribute section. The answer was to provide a URL of the form "\\myComputerName\siteFolder" (OK, OK, obvious was'nt it?). Great I thought were finally there. Go to Contribute and set up a site connection and it appears (I have not used a key or password at this stage). When I load up I am informed that I do not have a connection (yellow bar at top "you are viewing a page that you have'nt created a connection to."). OK, Edit my connections and go to create a connection where I'm told I already have a connection. The connection info. is:
      URL = file://barleytwist/wmsV3/
      Network path = C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wmsV3\

      I have not found a similar problem to this. Any suggestins appreciated.
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          Can i know more information on this to help you. I see that you are
          using IIS on a windows machine. Here is what i understand from your
          message - Correct me if i am wrong?

          1. You Created a connection in dreamweaver
          2. You tried to manage it from dreamweaver contribute compatibility
          3. You went and created connection to your site in contribute using
          the path \\myComputerName\siteFolder? What is the site URL you have
          given when creating connection for the first time?
          Can you edit your existing contribute connection and try using
          http://localhost/wmsV3/ instead of file://localhost/wmsV3?

          Can you elaborate more on your problem?