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    Print: smaller output than possible

      If I send one single page of my double-sided doc to SWF, it looks fine.
      But if I print this SWF, the page (content) is applied smaller to the paper. It seems, that any kind of information ist still in the SWF that says: "You see A4, but earlier it was A3". So FlashPaper decides to put the content smaller on the paper. In the same way if it was A3.

      Create a double-sided document (maybe InDesign). Every single page should have the size of the prefered SWF-page-size.
      No place text on every page (left & right) and place a bar over the whole document. You can also use a shape for the backgraound etc.
      Print the pages (as single pages, left & right seperate) to FlashPaper. You should see two single pages. - (Okay fine.)

      Now try to print the pages from SWF. You will notice, that the content will be placed smaller on the paper. For testing, create another SWF from the first one. It seems, that there is still an information about the earlier page-size in the SWF file. An information that will be used if you print it. - But why looks the first version (on the screen) fine?

      Try also this: Remove the bar or shape from your document or place it just on one side. Then print to SWF and try to print this SWF. You will see, it works. So information about large objects are keeped.

      What can I do?