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    Filters On return query

    reya276 Level 1

      Does anyone here knows how to apply a filter after getting the results of the first run query? there are two issues at hand one is that I first use a form to get the results and then the other is that I can also get the results coming from a link and this results page also has sortable header links. So I need to apply a filter to this results page yet eveytime i try to I get an error on either SQL or a Division by Zero. If anyone know how to accomplish this please provide some code ecxample. I have attached my code so that maybe someone can tell me what is wrong. Thanks in advance.
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          Dan Bracuk Level 5
          If the page can be accessed by either a form submission or hyperlink, set a local variable and use it in the rest of your code.

          if (isdefined("form.var"))
          yourvar = form.var;
          else if (isdefined("url.var"))
          yourvar = url.var;
          yourvar = 'some default value'