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    Director Player Error

      I have 3 interactive installations currently in an art exhibition built using Dir MX 04 + upgrades. Operating system is XP. I use CameraMouse software and webcam mounted on top of screen to enable viewers to interact hands-free. They are very successful except for 1 thing. One of the three programs pops up an error message after approx 4-5 hours of running. Intially this read "Script Error. Do you want to continue?" The program is still running in the background. Clicking "yes" does nothing. Clicking "no" closes the projector.

      I cannot force an error running the program in Director. Running in Director with the memory inspector I detected what I thought might be a small but residual memory leak. So I used the UI helper extra and a little sleep script I found on a forum. This seemed to fix the memory leak build-up I observed from Director. But the error still pops up after a few hours of running the projector. Only now it reads "Director Player Error" and no longer "Script Error". (Has the UI helper made the player more honest?)

      Because I don't have hours to sit there playing, I have only seen the error appear twice. It did not appear to be associated with a particular action.

      The 3 programs in the installation use similar techniques and scripts. The main difference between the one with the error and the others is that embedded Flash movies were made with Flash 8 Pro. I doubt that it is an extra problem because there are plenty of these Flash movies and they run ok for hours without hitch. Another difference is that the problem one also runs an external video. But the bug has not occured in association with calling, running or closing the movie.

      Any thoughts???

      The gallery people are not happy at having to restart the program and they shouldn't have to.